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Tenerife is one of the 7 islands forming the Canarian Archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.
They are called the Fortunate Isles because of their tropical climate, a near-perfect climate all year round. They are warmed by the Gulf Stream and cooled by Atlantic breezes. The Canary Islands are situated in front of the coast of Morocco and the Western Sahara. According to most logic, the Canaries are part of Africa, but they belong to Spain and their culture is entirely Spanish.
Tenerife is a volcanic island, the highly varied terrain creates a number of micro climates which make its flora and fauna extremely diverse.
An ideal destination for nature lovers, sport lovers, to chill out or to enjoy the canarian active nightlife !

For surfers Tenerife offers ideal conditions; it has the capability of receiving the North, the North West, the South and the South East Swell. Surf is actively practised since the Sixties. The North Coast exposed at the Ocean reassemble diverse conditions for Point breaks and Beach breaks.
The North West Coast is slightly protected from the full North Swell and provides a clean middle sized wave quality, but this coast is specially well known for its exceptional waves in the winter season with the North – North West Swell. We enjoy the magic South Swell providing us spectacular surf sessions from may until november ( the summer season).

Just come down to experience the thrill !!!

Jorge Dreher a reflection of youth at 74 years old in full action

Photo jorge Dreher - Canary Islands - Tenerife
Image Town & Country K-Star
Kike great session!
Photo: www.alejandroalbitres.com/ Islas Canarias - Tenerife
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