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Photo: Alex Albi-3  Surfer JR valverde - Canary Islands - Tenerife

Surf Trips Tenerife

A perfect marriage between sport and nature!
Tenerife or "island of the eternal spring" is a volcanic island; the highly varied terrain creates a number of micro climates which make its flora and fauna extremely diverse.
You`ll taste the canarian culture visiting small villages; pass along banana farms, visit El Teide (the big volcano), ravines, lava landscapes, try out their local gastronomy and of course enjoy different surf spots.
So, surfers companions, get your cameras ready for the finest photo sessions.
If you would like to have professional surf photos of you riding waves at these spots as a great souvenir, it can be arranged; we work with a professional photographer. Ideas or propositions to organize these surftrips are welcome.
The objective is to make an unforgettable day during your canarian journey.

To travel comfortable, we recommend groups of maximun 5 pax.
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Amazing scenes of a volcanic island
photo surf trip in the canary islands tenerife volcanic island
Stop !!!
photo surf trip - secret spot in the canary islands tenerife
Beach Break Tejita
Photo: Alex Albi-3
Photo beach - Canary Island - Tenerife
Surf trip 2007 Fuerte Ventura
Training camp, Omaira, Rafa, Edu, Matias.
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