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Tayurth JRV Surfservice Who are we

Photo - Jean Richard valverde - Tayurth jrv surfservice - Canary Islands Tenerife

Hello and welcome !

Jean Richard Valverde born in 1965 at Casablanca in Morroco grew up close to spectacular surf spots. He took his first steps on a surfboard in 1974 ; a love for surf and the sea started and will never leave him no more. In the eighties, he was known as one of the best local surfers and inspired other young future talents like his good friend Micky Picon, today France best surfer and top 44 WCT.

In 1983 he contribuated to officialise surf as a discipline in the Morrocan Sail Federation.
Travelling he discovers the Canarian Islands and surfs overthere every year.

Today, Jean Richard is dedicated to teach surf at small groups of a limited number of pax, so he can concentrate on them and offer excellent instructions.
Beside his teaching , Jean Richard has created TAYURTH JRV Surfservice. Asundur Tayurth means waves rider in the berber language, a little wink to his youth. This surfservice gives travelling surfers the luxury to rent high quality boards during their journey. The boards are Tuflites; were he is very familar with after many years of surf.
In 2005, Jean Richard became second position for longboard category at the Canarian Circuit.

He enjoys the ride every single day!!!
JR Valverde Canary Islands - TENERIFE
surftech Longboard - Tenerife
Click to enlarge surfer JRV - Canary Islands - Tenerife
Click to description and sizes 9 1 Tim Patterson (Josh Baxter model)
Photo: www.josevglez.com
Click to enlarge Photo: www.josevglez.com/ surfer JR Valverde - Canary Islands - Tenerife
Click to description and sizes Bob Mc Tavish surfboard
Photo: Dany/ Longboarder JR Valverde - Tenerife Canary Islands-
Click to view the descriptions and sizes of the 9'0 Pearson Arrow longboard
JRV is riding a 10"

Stand Up Board

in Punta Blanca
Photographer: Sergio Villalba. Stand up board JRValverde - Tenerife - Canary Islands
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